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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

Benefits of Eco Holidays

Posted March 22, 2014 | Comments Off

The dictionary states that ecology means not harmful to the environment, it speaks of a sense of care for our natural habitat and a respect for nature. These values are the backbone of our Kilimanjaro treks and Serengeti safaris so we want to share with you the true benefits of eco holidays.

[ek-oh, ee-koh] Show IPA Informal.
ecological or environmental.
not harmful to the environment: an eco resort with no air conditioning.
a combining form representing ecology, in the formation of compounds ( ecosystem; ecotype ); also with the more general sense “environment,” “nature,” “natural habitat” ( ecocide; ecolaw; ecopolitics ).

Taking an eco holiday is far different than going on the usual beach holiday in a typical holiday destination. With this alternative type of holiday, you are able to experience a completely different side where you can embrace local culture, communities and nature while having very little (if any) impact on your host country.

Benefits of Eco Holidays

You will be able to venture into unspoilt areas where you can experience the wildlife and natural resources and enjoy the environment without causing any damage.

The benefits of an eco holiday allow you to have minimal impact on the environment, support local economy, local people, provide conservation; protect wildlife and plant life.

Eco tourism is experiencing the environment whilst also preserving and protecting it.

By booking with a locally owned eco trekking company based in Tanzania you cut your carbon footprint because you’re dealing direct instead of booking through an overseas travel company that subcontracts to a local one.

If you care about the ethics, safety, treatment of employees, environment and wildlife of the place you visit then you will want to ensure you book your trip with an eco holiday company.

Invest in an experience that helps preserve the landscape and wildlife for future generations instead of what so many that have gone before us have done which was to destroy it without thought for the future.

This planet needs our protection and especially an place as magnificent as Kilimanjaro.

A trekking expedition has a very low impact on its environment so it’s the ideal choice for anyone who wants to experience local culture and animals in their natural habitat and see some of the greatest sights in the whole world. When you also choose a company that goes out of their way to ensure you leave no trace, you can be certain you chose the right eco holiday company to travel with.

An eco holiday can be an unforgettable adventure and you can be sure that the local communities will also benefit a great deal from your visit.

If you’re looking for a unique experience on your next trip then an eco trekking holiday could be just what you’re looking for.

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