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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

Eco Credentials

Trekili Eco Expeditions‘ mission is to promote and provide sustainable ecologically and ethically based expeditions that provide lasting benefits to Tanzania, its people, resources and magnificent mountains. We don’t just “try” to reduce our impact or “pledge” to: we’re working on it all the time. It’s just what we do, it’s in our DNA.

When making all strategic and operational decisions we take into account ethical and social issues, biodiversity and sustainability. It is our goal to continually reduce our own environmental impact.

And while we believe that actions will always speak louder than words, we acknowledge that sometimes words are required – so here are some of the principles that guide us – our eco policy if you like.

Our Eco Policy

We seek to reduce the impacts of our own activities, through for example:

  • No campfires
  • All human waste is removed using Clean Mountain Cans
  • Utilise environmentally friendly Restop Urine Bags along the trek for responsible disposal in general waste containers
  • Rechargeable batteries for all lighting and communication devices
  • Clean all mountain and safari camps and take out more than we produce
  • Employing local tribesman and woman indigenous to Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru
  • Purchase local sustainably grown vegetables and fruits from farmers on the mountain slopes
  • Operate a paperless company (conserve forests by not mailing out bulky environmentally unfriendly catalogues)
  • Socialise and train our trekking team to be passionate Eco Warriors and implement our Eco Credentials

Practice “Leave No Trace” principles

Leave No TraceTrekili Partners with Leave No Trace.

At the heart of Leave No Trace is an educational message that encourages us as trekkers to understand the consequences of our actions, and challenges us to make good choices when we undertake our activities in the outdoors. The Leave No Trace programme uses a framework of seven principles to guide us towards better choices.

Trekili endorses the Leave No Trace message and aims to adhere to Leave No Trace during all treks. We have incorporated Leave No Trace into our guide and porter training schemes and ask our trekkers to align themselves with these principles.

Trekili Diary

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