The Arusha National Park

Experience the true wonder of Tanzania with an unforgettable day trip in the Arusha National Park. The National Park is the ideal place to visit on a day tour because it is so easily accessible from Arusha which is where our day tours depart from. .

Despite being so close to Arusha city, the national park isn’t overly visited so it really does feel as if you get nature and the wildlife all to yourself. You can take in all the park has to offer in one day with our carefully planned day tours.

Arusha National Park is a sight to behold because of its lush colours, incredible plant life and mesmerizing wildlife. The park is a tranquil place and a great place to escape to for the day.

As you enter the park from Arusha, you will see an expanse of green montane forest open up before you. The park is a big pull for anyone seeking to experience such a vast array of wildlife and East Africa’s Garden of Eden.

You will see giraffes gracefully gliding along and have one of the clearest views of the intriguing black and white colobus monkeys more than anywhere else in Tanzania.

This is a birding explorers paradise. You will find Arusha National park filled with an assortment of birds you will only find in this incredible part of the world. The park alone boasts over 400 species of bird which include the Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, Narina Trogon, Peregrine Falcon, African Fish Eagle and the Bar Tailed Trogon to name just a few.

There really is no place on earth quite like the Arusha National Park which is why we feel everyone should get to experience it, if only for one day.

Ngurdoto Crater is such a special place that it is a protected environment. The crater will take your breath away when you stop to view the animals and take pictures to capture the memories of such an incredible place.

Created by volcanic movements a long time ago, the crater is now 3.6km in diameter and is 100 metres deep at some points. The Ngurdoto Crater is truly one of the most magnificent sights of all of Tanzania and one which shouldn’t be missed. Once experienced, never forgotten.

Momella Lakes are a must see when you visit Tanzania. When you visit the lakes you will see one of the most diverse ranges of waterbirds in the world. They should really be called Flamingo Lakes because of the huge population of birds that feed and rest here throughout the year.

Buffalo, hippo’s and bushbacks all lounge in the lakes and aside from the sounds from the surrounding wildlife and gently swaying flora, you will only find tranquility and peace.

When you come this close to natural perfection created by the beauty of our great planet, it really does have a big impact on you. There is so much amazing wildlife to see in Arusha National Park, and the real beauty of it is, they’re exactly where they’re meant to be.

Trekili can provide you with different day trip options but this one starts with a walking tour to the famous waterfall which then leads onto a game drive through the Arusha National Park and onto the Ngurduto Crater and Momella Lakes.

plan your trip

$600 USD

Select the date


Day 1

Depart your hotel at 0900

You will be transported in a top of the range safari 4×4 which means a guaranteed window seat for every passenger.

Your English speaking driver/guide is there to share with you their vast knowledge of the area and ensure you have a safe and pleasant tour of the park.

Your tour will start with a guided walk through the montane forest to spot the wildlife treasures inside the dense green paradise, then onto the waterfall where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the water as it cascades down from the mountain.

After lunch you will once again climb aboard the tour transport and be driven on a game safari through the National park to the Momella lakes and Ngurdoto Crater. This is your chance to see the wildlife in their natural habitat and take pictures of your day which will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Depart Arusha National Park at 1800 where you will be driven back to your hotel.


A 1-day safari experiencing the Arusha National park.

Included in tour

English speaking guide.

4×4 safari vehicle, guaranteed window seat.

Entrances and game drives in Arusha National Park.

Lunch box

Ranger and walking fees

Three bottles of mineral water per person.

Excluded in tour

Accommodations before and after the tour.

All item of persona nature.


Arusha National Park Booking Advice

Our Arusha National Park Day Safari Trip will leave you feeling as if you’ve truly experienced the heart of Tanzania. It is an experience not to be missed and is an ideal mini safari before or after you summit Kili or Meru.

You can book your day tour of Arusha National Park on demand whilst already in Arusha or if you’re planning ahead you can make your booking via our Contact Us page.


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