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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

Inspirational stories and Mount Kilimanjaro go hand in hand because it is an incredible place and there are so many amazing people that set out to summit it.

One particularly incredible woman is Neelu Memon who has already scaled mountains and is hungry for more.

Neelu was an athletic teenager who loved to snowboard, until one day she became ill and had a post-viral auto-immune response which sent her into a 4 month long coma. This left Neelu with only 30% sight and an inability to walk, talk and swallow due to injury to her brain.

Rehabilitation was an uphill struggle because Neelu had to learn to walk and talk again. Some sight returned but she still lives with limited sight, limited balance and other physical challenges on a daily basis. This was just the beginning of her journey to full health and it took a long time to get there.

But this is a determined woman and nothing was going to keep her from doing what she loved most and that was being outdoors. Since being rehabilitated, Neelu has accomplished many things that some people with full sight and perfect balance only allow themselves to dream of.

Neelu Memon Mt Aspiring

Neelu has dared to be different and has not only overcome life threatening roadblocks but has pushed beyond those limits to realise her dreams. Neelu has cycled tandem in the Paracycling World Championships, climbed Mount Aspiring in New Zealand and is the first legally blind person to complete the Speight’s Coast to Coast challenge in New Zealand.

All this before she’s even 30!

So where does this unstoppable woman plan to trek to next? Well of course Neelu’s planning on achieving something only a few dare to try and that’s to climb the Seven summits.

The Seven summits are the highest peaks across seven continents and only a handful of climbers have achieved this great feat, so it’s especially impressive that a legally blind woman is attempting such a challenging task.

Neelu is planning to climb Mt Kili in August 2014 and has already been in training to prepare for the higher altitude. Considering everything Memon has been through in the past few year’s, climbing Kilimanjaro will probably be a walk in a very high park for her.

Neelu is not only inspiring others with and without disabilities through her expedition efforts, but is also doing this in her day to day work as a Disability Issues Advisor for the Ministry of Social Development

“I really want people to believe they can do anything,” she says. “I believe any disabled person can do what they want to do when they have support.”

There seems to be a lot of truth in the saying, the only limitations you face in life are the ones which you place upon yourself.

We will be following the progress of the seven summit conquest for this amazing blind mountaineer because we have been inspired by her tenacious attitude towards adversity and life.

Are you holding yourself back from experiencing something as amazing as this? Let Neelu Memon’s personal journey inspire you to try something new and be brave enough to reach new heights.

Watch Neelu’s personal message here:

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