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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

Eco Trekking Holiday

Posted December 23, 2013 | Comments Off

Not all trekking companies actually care about the mountain they make money from or the people that this mountain belongs to. The more people that invest their money with the wrong companies, the greater the damage to this beautiful mountain and its people.

Kilimanjaro’s future depends on its visitors making the right choice when choosing an eco trekking holiday company to travel with. By choosing one which doesn’t have eco credentials and pays their porters below average wage, people are not only causing damage to the place they are visiting but putting their own safety at risk too!

So mount Kilimanjaro needs our help.

There are people in Tanzania right now working hard to ensure that all of the eco issues and the poor porter treatment is being addressed, but there is still much more we can all do.

The Tanzania National Park (TANAPA), Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA), Tanzanian Porters Association (TPO) and departments within the government are all working together to introduce new systems to overcome the issues mentioned here, and to ensure that very low budget trek operators adhere to these systems to make sure they provide a higher level of service.

It is so often the case that if you purchase something on the cheap, it is less reliable. Whereas when you invest in a good quality product or service, it will tend to last longer or create a lasting positive impression. This is also the case with mountaineering companies, the cheaper the price, the poorer the service!

Cheaper trekking companies tend to make less of an investment in their staff, their equipment and their efforts in order to make a profit. But the cheaper they are, the more people trekking on a budget will gravitate toward them. This is understandable but it does mean that the porters make a great deal less money, get treated poorly, your safety can be compromised and there’s a great deal of waste left on the mountain.

If this isn’t changed, in time, Mount Kilimanjaro will become a waste ground.

When you reach the summit of Mt Kili what do you want to see?, a clear view all the way down of the magnificent land before you? or one which is tarnished with plastic bags, food packets and human waste?

view from kilimanjaro

The changes being brought in will include the banning of bottled water, as well as disposable consumable items because these both cause the greatest risk to the environment.

Trekili was established to provide eco trekking holidays to people with a conscience and those who wish to protect the environment they are trekking in.
restop sanitary system
We use the Restop system to collect the human waste so we can ensure nothing gets left behind. We use Katadyn water filter pumps so we’re providing safe water for our trekkers and don’t leave any trace. We also provide food and consumable items in their own reusable containers so there’s no need to leave anything behind.

Choose Trekili for your next Tanzanian trekking holiday, and help make a difference to Mt Kili’s future on your next eco expedition.

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