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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

Marvelous Mount Meru

Posted January 04, 2014 | Comments (0)

mount meru ash cone Marvelous mount Meru is located in the enchanting Arusha National Park. Meru is the second highest peak in Tanzania and is also a volcano which last erupted in 1910.

Mount meru is the little sister of Kilimanjaro closer to the township of Arusha. From the ridge of the ash cone you can see Mt Kili in the distance which is an incredible sight to behold.

Mount Meru in Tanzania is not to be confused with the one which can be found in Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cosmology. Whilst both mountains hold a spiritual connection for many people across the world, only one can be climbed in the physical sense.

The base of the mountain is surrounded by a diverse range of wildlife including water buffalo, blue monkeys, black colobus monkeys, warthogs, over 300 species of birds and even the occasional leopard and elephant.

You will also find a plethora of wild flowers and plants in the parkland and montane forest.

Mount Meru is an ideal mountain trek to do as a stand alone expedition or one to help you acclimatise for your trek up Mt Kilimanjaro.

If you were to start off with a climb up mount Meru and onwards up to the summit of Mount Kili and then to complete your expedition with a safari, this would truly be a holiday of a lifetime.

Meru is the ideal climb for anyone who hasn’t summited before because it is a 4 day trek, and although still a great challenge both physically and mentally, it is easier to acclimatise on Kili’s little sister and especially when you’re with supportive porters and guides.

You are unable to climb Mt Meru alone so it is essential that you book your trek with a reputable expedition company who can safely escort you to the summt and back.

When you book with an experienced trekking company the fees are all taken care of for the entrance, huts, rescue, rangers, climbing guides, trip leader and mountain crew, this is especially important because your safety whilst on a mountain trek is of paramount importance!

To find out more about treks up Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro or an African Safari then please get in touch with us and we will help you to discover the wonders of Southeast Africa.

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