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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

The Value of Kilimanjaro’s Porters

Posted December 18, 2013 | Comments Off

Trekili is a trekking company with a conscience. We provide an ecologically respectful trekking experience for people seeking a trek adventure that makes a difference to peoples lives and goes above and beyond your average trek company.

Those who care about their own life experience enough to come on a mountaineering eco holiday, will no doubt hold the care standards given to the people who provide the service in equal importance.

This kind of trip is a holiday of a lifetime for many people and takes a certain level of financial investment. So it is only right that a portion of that money is used to ensure you receive the best level of service possible by investing in the people who are with you every step of the way.

the value of kilimanjaro porters

The porters of Mount Kili are the very backbone of this great mountain and know it better than the back of their own hand. They live, eat and breath the mountain and because it’s their home and livelihood they love it too. There are no better people to support you on a climb than the people who grew up on the foothills of this great mountain.

There is a harsh truth that many don’t know about the Kilimanjaro Porters and that’s that they are often exploited by trekking companies that don’t understand their value in the ecosystem of mountain trekking. They are often paid a grossly inadequate wage and have old clothes, worn out boots and unsafe equipment.

If the porters are not well enough equipped to take care of their own basic needs when on the mountain, how can they be in the position to take care of the trekkers that they provide the service to?

The porters of Tanzania are often treated as if they aren’t even human at times, as if the altitude and cold don’t affect them. But they are indeed affected by the same elements and physical reactions we all are so they need to be properly trained and kitted out just like the visiting trekkers.

Fair treatment of the Kili porters is essential to ensure they all have a chance to lead a good life, do their job with pride, put food on their families table and of course take care of their beloved mountain.

These are great people and our Mount Kilimanjaro treks would not be possible without their expertise and support.

We believe, if you care about safety when mountain trekking then it stands to reason you would invest in providing the best people to provide that high level of safety. Those people are the porters and guides of Mt Kili, and they deserve the best too.

Trekili work within the “Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project” (Tanzanian Porters Association) guidelines to ensure we pay above minimum wage and provide only the best equipment and trekking conditions, because we understand the true value of these invaluable people.

Because we are locally based in Tanzania, we know our porters personally and have used their services on many occasions ourselves being keen mountaineers and having summited the great Kilimanjaro many, many times. So we understand the true value of Kilimanjaro’s porters.

These are passionate, experienced and caring people and they deserve our respect. If you want to experience a mountain climbing holiday with people like this then get in touch to discuss which trek might be best suited to you.

By choosing a trekking holiday company that has these values, you make a difference to other peoples lives, whilst having the time of yours.

Let’s climb together to raise the standards for the porters of Kilimanjaro.

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