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Mt Kilimanjaro - Trekili Eco Expeditions

What Does It Feel Like to Climb Kilimanjaro?

Posted January 21, 2014 | Comments Off

We’re often asked the question what does it feel like to climb Kilimanjaro by people who have summited many other mountains and those who dream about summitting a mountain one day.

It is of course easy for us to recall how we felt every time we’ve climbed Kili but climbing Kili is a personal experience and evokes different feelings and emotions for each and every person.

You feel a whole host of emotions from start to finish which have a major impact on your experience and the memories you take with you.

modern day marco conquering kilimanjaro

Climbing a mountain can be such a cathartic experience, and many come down a different person than the person that climbed up. But it’s hard to give an answer exactly as to why.

Perhaps it’s the trek itself that gives one time to reflect? Perhaps it’s the humbling experience of visiting one of the poorest countries in the world? Or is it the inspirational landscape that simply puts everything into perspective?

It has been said that in order to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, you first have to reach the summit of the mountain in your mind. This is because in order to reach the top, you have to overcome the mental obstacles in your head that will inevitably creep in even if you’re an experienced mountain trekker.

Doubt is an unwanted emotion but inevitably it is always there when embarking on an expedition of this magnitude.

Climbing Kili is like visiting all four corners of the globe in just a few days, so it’s not surprising that this has a rather huge emotional impact on those with a desire to reach the summit.

modern day marco conquering kilimanjaro 2

If you set out on your trekking expedition with a group of total strangers, you can be certain you’ll come back down with a group of friends for life. People have made incredible friendships and relationships through this phenomenal experience which bonds you together forever.

There’s almost an invisible thread that runs through you once you’ve sumitted the mountain and that thread connects you to everyone else who made that climb. It is this connection and passion for trekking Kilimanjaro that Trekili was established.

When you reach each part to the summit there’s a different view which stirs up different emotions. Reaching the summit is a big deal, not every person who climbs Kilimanjaro reaches the top for varying reasons, so when you do, when you’ve gone through the physical and mental challenges, it feels quite simply incredible.

A travel blogger called Samantha Phelan who has dubbed herself the Modern Day Marco, took the challenge to climb Mount Kili and describes how she felt at each stage of the climb. You can read here review here:


Her most noticeable expressions were “high on endorphins”, “adrenaline”, “excited”, “breathtaking” and “feeling groovy”.

We would be inclined to agree with Samantha. There is no feeling quite like summiting the highest freestanding mountain in the world, and seeing this incredible part of the world from the roof of Africa.

You can sit there and wonder what it feels like to climb Kilimanjaro or you can get out there and discover those feelings for yourself.

Get in touch with Trekili today and we’ll help you put together your trekking expedition so you too can experience the awesomeness of climbing the great Mount Kilimanjaro.

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